Your teenager is ready to get their own set of wheels. That can be great to help them gain some independence (and limit all that shuttling around you’re doing), but also frightening thinking about their safety. Getting a reliable vehicle can help you know that you are doing the most you can to keep your child safe behind the wheel. Visit our Fort Worth, TX Ford dealership to see just how many options there are for your new teen driver!

The Ford Fusion is a dependable four-door sedan that you can feel confident about your teen driving. It earns up to an impressive 325 horsepower, but it still garners 34 mpg highway for optimal performance. There’s also a hybrid version that achieves a maximum 41 mpg highway. It comes equipped with FordConnect, which lets up to ten devices connect to the mobile WiFi hot spot, so you have the peace of mind in knowing you can always reach them.

Thinking of an SUV? A more compact SUV is helpful for students with lots of sports gear or supplies they need to carry around, such as the Ford Edge. It is still small enough to easily maneuver, but it also has almost 40 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat folded flat. Plus, it’s a good vehicle that they can keep for the long haul. The 2019 Ford Edge is equipped with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and Auto Start-Stop Technology to keep it safer and more efficient.

Want to find the best vehicle for your teenager? Come see us at Karl Klement Ford at 2670 Highway 287 South in Decatur, TX to take a few test drives. Let us help you feel a little more confident about having a new driver in the house.